Pregnancy is the time that requires you to be in best of your health. A good health means complete well-being, which means you have to be fit physically, mentally, emotionally and not to miss out spiritually. Yoga is the best way to  your mental, physical and spiritual fitness and to assure a happy and healthy pregnancy.

Yoga and Pilate are highly recommended during and after pregnancy. They help you to get a comfortable and smooth pregnancy and bounce back to your shape post delivery.

The joy of pregnancy is accompanied by it's own baggage of discomfort- dull backaches, emotional stress, hormonal outbursts and mood swings and many of these will stay a little long even post delivery. Yoga during pregnancy and post delivery will surely help you to ease out these discomforts. It would be really rewarding to to give you the needed physical and mental support to carry on a healthy pregnancy and will get you emotionally prepared for motherhood.  It is always advisable to practice Yoga during pregnancy under the supervision of a qualified Yoga instructor. Tell your Yoga instructor about your pregnancy and about the stage of your pregnancy, your concern and what you are seeking from these Yoga sessions. Yoga exercises can be tailored as per your need and safety. Certain positions of Yoga are a strict NO for a pregnant lady. Overheating can be detrimental to  fetus and so expecting mother should never try "Bikram Yoga/Hot Yoga"

Breathing exercises. mild poses and meditation help you to fight the stress and mood swings.

Pilates is one of the most suited exercise for expecting moms. It helps you build your core strength and tone your abdominal, back and kegel ( pelvic floor) muscles. This helps you with a comfortable pregnancy and smooth delivery. Pilates exercises are also adaptable and can be modified to suit your pregnancy stage and needs.

You can practice Yoga or Pilates or a combination of two during and after your pregnancy. Keep in account the following points:

  • Consult your doctor: You should consult your doctor. Your medical care provider knows of your condition and complications and is the best person to advise whether you can go ahead with these exercises. Some complications might restrict you from doing such exercises.
  •  Strict NO to lying on back pose: Whether Yoga or Pilate, you should no do poses that requires you lying flat on your back. It can be quite harmful to the baby as it obstruct the circulation to the fetus. You ca prop your feet but keep your hips down. Never put your feet over your head. Eliminate your sharp movements from your exercise routine  like those vigorous sidekicks and exercises on jump boards.  Do overstretch as it might strain your muscles.
  • Cautious over your balance: Your growing belly night shift your center of gravity. You have to be extra cautious about your balance during poses.
  • Listen to your body: This is the key rule. Your pace and duration of exercise should be in accordance with your body comfort and so will change with your growing pregnancy and growing belly. Avoid the poses that are over stressing and cause any discomfort.
  • Stay Hydrated: Dehydration during Yoga or Pilates cause nauseating sensation. Do keep in mind to keep yourself hydrated and to eat well. Eat those extra healthy calories as you are eating for two and also to make up for those calories that you have lost during your exercising session.

 A healthy lifestyle and good diet along with Yoga and Pilates ensure the healthy growth of the life inside you as well as well being of the mother

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