Skipping, which is done using a rope, is a traditional and one of the best forms of exercise to keep your self healthy and fit. The rope is easily available in many stores and can be purchased at an affordable price. The materials used for the rope is generally jute, plastic or leather with the handles made of either wooden or plastic. The length of the skipping rope usually varies with the height of the person.




The exercise is done holding the either ends of the rope with your hands, keeping the elbows steady at the waist level with the arms bent at about 80-90 degrees to the body, and turning the rope around you using a circular wrist motion, simultaneously making a slight jump so that the rope passes under your foot. Always look ahead of you, and while landing on the ground after each jump, it is best to land on the balls of the foot.


For obese people and for beginners, it is always better to do warm-up exercises for about 5-10 minutes before starting to skip. Wearing soft-soled shoes and skipping on an even surface would help you perform more effectively.



Skipping has several advantages, especially for the slightly-obese and those who are fitness geeks. The major benefits of skipping can be listed out as under:

1. There is practically no cost involved-no special equipment or any special outfits.

2. It helps to burn a lot of fat and therefore, a 20 minute skipping, performed at a moderate speed, would help burn almost 90-100 calories.

3. The chest, shoulder, back and the wrist muscles are strengthened. All the other muscles in the body are also exercised to a degree.

4. This proves to be an excellent stress buster and it can be conveniently done at any time and at any place.


Hence, skipping is a highly beneficial workout which can be performed by one and all.


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