Hi friends, well this article is exclusively for those men and may be, who knows even some girls who want to shape up their biceps by simple exercises. Hereby i give you all a complete information in sweet and short format. I will not be going into the details of the anatomy of muscles as it will be a totally different article. Hope this helps you all. I will be giving you a total of 10 bicep exercises in a group of two articles. For now i will be dealing with first 5 best bicep exercises.
Biceps make up about only 1/3rd of the total arm, while 2/3rd of the arm is made of triceps, so dont forget to do tricep exercises too along with these. No doubt biceps are the first attractive feature of the arm while appearing some stranger, so get ready to deserve that "WOW" from your surroundings..............
1.  Hammer curl - Well well, yes the easiest and most effective bicep exercise according to majority of trainers around the world. Take dumb bell in each of your hand standing with hands hanging on the sides with palms facing each other. Elbows must be touching your trunk or if possible keep them in locked position. Do not move your upper body and elbows while lifting up the weights. Now curl the weights up in semi circular fashion and reach upto the shoulders. Now try to sqeeze the biceps as much as possible, pause and then disengage and reach the starting position.
2.  Barbell curl - This also an excellent exercise for working out the outer biceps. You need to hold the barbell with both hands and palms facing up. Keep them 12 inches apart. While curling keep body straight and legs shoulder width apart. Curl barbell up and squeeze your biceps same as that in hammer curl. Similarly do not sway and move your elbows or upper body. It is easy to cheat over this one. Pause after the sqeeze and return to normal position. Dont swing your arms during second repetition. Surely you can vary the grip width as per your wish. This guys surely swaying a bit, hope you dont do that.
3.  Concentration curl - Yes, third type of curl again, but i am sure this will prove to be the hardest one for all beginners. Try hammer curl and then this one if you dont believe me. Well, here you need to get seated on a flat bench. You need to spread the legs apart in V fashion and then hold dumbbell in one hand, with palm facing up. Rest the elbow on the inner side of the thigh subjected. Then, simple LIFT. Of course you can support with the help of your other hand resting on the respective other leg. Lower the weight slowly and return to starting position. Here's one girl practicing concentration curl, surely i hope girls reading this will be inspired to atleast shape up their arms.
4.  Dumbbell bicep curl - This one's similar to the barbell curl, but helps better twisting of wrist and helps developing the outer peaks. You need to stand straight up. Hold the dumbbell in each hand. Of course hands must be placed hanging with palms facing each other. Now dont break the cheat principles and lift the dumbbells at the same time. Twist your wrist while your journey up. At the end of the flex, palms must be facing up. Squeeze the biceps and then slowly lower your arms to the starting position.
5.  Preacher curl - Adjust the height of the seat while using preacher curl bench and EZ curl bar, so that the shoulders are not lifted high nor you must be hunched over the pad. Lift the bar with width equal to shoulder. Curl the bar towards your chins and do not swing or rock while lifting the weights. Make the exercise hard over the biceps and do not move the other parts of the body. Go down slowly and take care not to get over lifted.
That's all for this article, hope to might you guys soon. Next article will be Part - 2 wherein i will be concentrating on the next five exercises for biceps, stay tuned, and enjoy.

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