80 Percent of our children population does not even have the stamina to run a mile. In a study it is revealed that  there is a possibility of getting heart deceases for 80% of next generation people at the age of 25 itself. This stunning fact was revealed on a study conducted in children of age 5 to 9. It has become a necessity to change the life style of our children.

Factors responsible for a good physique are a steady heart, muscular power, muscular steadiness, structure of body etc. Sit up, Sit and reach, modified pull ups, 1 mile running are few methods to check your fitness.

In a study of 16 lacs children only 8000 has cleared the mentioned exercises. It is been seen that as on age goes increasing the standard of exercise is coming down. Girls are much beyond in this segment.

Low fitness leads to a chain of diseases. When the capacity of heart comes down it will leads to high blood pressure. If proper exercise are not taken fat will form In our blood cells  and possible to become heart patients in younger age itself. The amount of cholesterol is also possible to increase. Obesity also leads to sugar.

Stomach of girls are not strong enough which leads to back pain in future. Back pain is seen many ladies aged 35. If we go like this by 2020 out of the total heart patients in the world, 60% will be from India. We should include necessary exercises as a part of curriculam from child hood onwards to avoid destructive effects. If we do so these systematic exercise will become a part of their daily routine.

Schools should start giving utmost importance to physical education. They should give a minimum 45 minutes for afternoon lunch. Physical education classes should be strictly added to the curriculum. Every school should start health clubs under guidance of teachers, parents and senior students.

Parents should advice their children to wake early in morning so that they will get sufficient time for exercise in the morning. Resident association should provide a park or play ground in the respective residential areas. If your child is in a school which is walk able from your house then it will automatically forms an execise.

Let us join our hands for a better tomorrow.

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