when I was in school I read that health is wealth. That time I did not understand what is health and how it related to wealth?

But now I have grown up and understood the concept and how they relate with each other.

I am a 23 year old guy and my curret weight is only 58 kilogram.

as per medical measurement I am just 2-3 kilogram underweight.

I also have felt due to my underweight I am staying very unhappy.

I Am unable to  do lot of heavy work in my daily life, I am getting so much tiered soon and also it keeps me in frustration and once you fall in frustration mean you will never be able to concentrate on any job and you can not give 100% effort on your job.

So you will not be able t0o complete any work and you loose everything in your life and that  is the wealth.

So stay wealthy first of all we have to stay fit so that we can concentrate properly on our work and also Can work properly to earn happiness and earn money.

so eat healthy food

drink lot of water

Do some exercise everyday




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