Optimum nutrition is essential for food health. Nutrition means the adequate supply of all constituents of food in proper proportion. Lack of nutrition results is in order- nutrition or malnutrition. Under-nutrition or malnutrition hampers the growth of the child. Sometimes, children may suffer from under-nourishment when they do not get proper nutrition from the breast of the mother. The deficiency diseases such as rickets, scurvy, beriberi, anemia, loss of appetite and weight, retarded growth, night blindness, digestive disorders etc. are the result of malnutrition.

A great number of infant suffer from rickets. Softness and bend ness of bones is the main symptom of this disease. Formation of bones is poor. Dental caries are very common. Dysfunction of muscles is prevalent. In order to cure the children suffering from rickets, a pint of milk is a daily requirement. Apart from this, infants should be regularly massaged with olive oil and kept under the action of sunshine for some time.

Anemia is also the result of malnutrition. It is very common in infants and pregnant women. It is an indicator or deficiency of iron in the body. It hampers blood formation and turns the patient very weak and pale. The excessive use of green and leafy vegetables, liver, pulses, meat, milk and cereals cures the persons suffering from anemia.

The persons suffering from night blindness, retarded growth, susceptibility to infections and change in the color of skin should regularly eat yellow colored fruits, tomatoes, butter, and yellow portion of eggs, fish oil and vegetables. Regular use of vegetables and fruits will build up the resistance of the body and protect against diseases.

The use of citrus fruits like oranges, lemon, amla etc. is advised in the treatment of bleeding gums and poor wound healing. The citrus fruits are store houses of vitamin C which provides resistance to the body against infections of common clod etc.





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