Everyone knows that fruits and vegetables are good for health. But how to find out the quality of them? Simple, you should know the colour grammar. when we see colorful vegetables and fruits,  we feel like eating them. They provide different types of pigments, vitamins and phytochemicals. These are very essential for the body to fight against diseases.

Here is the explanation of color pigments :

Red Colour  Red colour fruits and vegetables contain Antocianin, Lycopene and betacianin. It can be found in fruits like strawberry, cherry, water melon and in vegetables like carrot, tomato, beetroot, Red chillies and red radish.

Blue and purple color :  These two color also indicates the presence of Antocianin. It can be found in brinjal, blue berry and plums.

Antocianins prevent swelling of body parts. It creates protective environment in the body and fights against cancer. It keeps blood veins healthy thus preventing heart diseases. 


Orange  and Yellow  color : Orange and yellow color fruits and vegetables contain Vitamin C , carroteenoid, bioflavionoid and phyto chemicals. It also has fiber and anti oxidants. It gives immunity to the body and protects eyes and skin. Orange color vegetables and fruits like carrot, mango, pumpkins indicate that they contain beta-carrotene pigments. Yellow colored maize indicates that it has Lutin. 

Green  Color : Green color vegetables and fruits indicate that they have chlorophyll.  It is found in leafy vegetables. It is store hose for beta carrotene and phyto chemicals. All leafy vegetables are power house of magnesium, potassium, iron and good fat. They protect bones and improves intestine system. Best examples are green vegetables like pudina, neem, bitter guard, Radish lead, cabbage, cali flower, ladies finger, beans, grapes, guava, pears etc. 

White color  : White color indicates Antoxanthis color pigment. This is also important anti oxidants. We can find this in onion, garlic, radish, banana. It also contains phyto nutrients. 

So have awareness of color pigments to get the maximum benefits from fruits and vegetables.  Lets have colorful touch for healthy life. 

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