Herbs and their use in the kitchen

Herbs can a court to a surprising and tasty. But which herbs do you have with which dish to use? A number of herbs and plant species can be purchased from supermarket or garden center. You can use them to keep themselves in the garden or on the windowsill. Furthermore you can also herbs in dried form now, but the fresh taste still better present. Using the dried form 1 / 3 of the amount of fresh herbs.


Sage is an herb with feltlike green / gray leaves. It is good to keep in the garden. The magazine has a warm, bitter taste and taste in stews with meat and pork. The leaves are also very good fried.


Celery has bright green leaves with a spicy, peppery and fresh taste. The journal is delicious raw in salads and soups and stews can be meegestoofd.


Mint is a small herbal plant with small bright green leaves. The foliage is very fragrant and has a refreshing taste. You can draw nice mint tea and the leaves are good in (fruit) salad.


Dill is a plant with clumps thin blades. It is an aromatic, anise-like herb. Before use, you should not wash dill, because then the leaves limp. Dill is delicious in sauces, salads and marinades for fish, cucumber and cream cheese.


Seems coriander leaf shape very similar to celery. It has a strong and fresh taste and strength because not everyone appreciates the taste of the herb immediately. The herb can be used in soups, salads or as garnish for stir-fries.


Chervil is a fine light green grass, which is slightly anise flavor. It is soft and delicate flavor. It is delicious in salads or soup with vegetables and egg dishes. If you meekookt chervil or in dried form is used then there is almost no taste anymore.

Oregano or wild marjoram

Wild Oregano or Marjoram is an herb plant with pale green leaves on a pink stem. The taste of oregano is aromatic and peppery. It is a delicious appetizer pizza and is also good to use it for stewing, in sauces or to participate in frying meat or vegetable dishes.


Rosemary is an herb plant with oblong, dark green leaves quite hard, which is almost vertical to the stem grow. It is a very aromatic herb with a slightly bitter taste. You can well use it for baking and stewing in dishes with beef or thyme. It is also good in potato dishes with oil and garlic.


Thyme is a small and delicate plant with tiny leaves on some light pink stalks. It is a fresh and very fragrant herb. It is delicious with cheese and also you can use when cooking meat and fish and stews.


Parsley has curly, light green leaves. It is often used as a garnish for many dishes. It is a fresh and peppery spice. There is flat-leaf parsley and curly parsley, flat shape is spicier flavor than the curled shape. You can use raw parsley is best if you meekookt the slightly bitter taste and lose much of its flavor. You can finally add chopped is best to sauces, soups and salads.


Chives are an herb plant with long, loose dark green blades. The taste is spicy and oniony. You can use chives are best raw, are you going to stew or bake then lost the flavor of the herb. Chives is delicious with egg, milk and cheese.


Basil is an herb with rather large, light green leaves. It is fresh and hot in taste and is very aromatic. It is a delicious flavor in salads with tomatoes, cheese and meat and to further the good in tomato sauce for pasta. You better not cook, but only as a last add to soup or sauce, because different taste.


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