The phrase ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ can also be revised as ‘A Banana a day keeps the doctor away’.


Banana, a fruit which is available easily all over the world at a very affordable price can be the magic fruit for the health concerned person. This fruit is eaten by many without actually knowing the vast amount of advantages it has.


  • Bananas have three natural sugars in it i.e. glucose, fructose and sucrose. These sugars have a combined effect on the body which gives it instant energy which can be sustained over a long period of time. Many of us have seen sportspersons eating bananas on the field.
  • Loss of hemoglobin in the blood can cause severe anemia. This disorder is caused due to shortage of iron. Banana is a fruit which is rich in iron. As such consuming banana can help in production of hemoglobin in blood.
  • Banana has a type of protein called tryptophan which is useful for the body as it is converted into serotonin. This serotonin helps to make you relax and brings about a feeling of happiness. As such Banana is recommended by many doctors to patients suffering from depression. Is this the secret of monkeys always being happy and active?
  • Banana is rich in vitamin B which can be used to calm the nervous system of the body.
  • Another constituent of banana is the high content of potassium in a Banana. This mineral passes on oxygen to the brain, normalizes the heart beat and regulating the body’s water. Thus eating this fruit can help to cope up with stress which is the main cause of these disorders in above activities.
  • The most important advantage of Banana is its usage as a dietary food which is used as a natural remedy for intestinal disorders. This is due to its rich fiber content which helps in softening up stools and also neutralizes over-acidity and distress. It is also used as a laxative and is an ideal and natural medical treatment for constipation.
  • Another important fact about Banana is that it is a high-potassium-low-salt fruit. This feature of Banana makes it the perfect food for reducing the risk of blood pressure.
  • Banana can in fact be used by persons related with high pressure jobs. These persons often are addicted to foods like chips and chocolates which often lead to obesity. Banana is an ideal option for them as it has high carbohydrates in its feature. Substituting the junk food with bananas helps to decrease obesity in particular cases.
  • Not known to all, Banana can be used by pregnant women in keeping a cool temperature inside her boy which is vital for the child inside.
  • Banana a day can help smokers to rid themselves of the habit of smoking. This is because banana has B6 and B12 which along with potassium and magnesium helps the body recover from the nicotine withdrawal.
  • Also, studies have found that regular consumption of banana reduces the risk of a heart attack by 40%.
  • An amazing discovery made regarding banana is that insect bites, if rubbed with the inside of a banana peel, can substantially reduce swelling and irritation.


FACTS – Compare with Apple

Banana has 4 times more proteins than an apple.

Banana has 2 times more carbohydrates than an apple.

Banana has 3 times more phosphorus than an apple.

Banana has 5 times more vitamins than an apple.




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