There are many home remedies from which we can reduce fat easily.The persons who want to loose fat they will take the diet cokes and carbonated cokes as this is not good for health.As this contains more sugar levels and calories so they create feeling of loosing weight but in future because of this there is many health problems. So when every one wants to loose weight naturally and healthy means its better to prepare some juices which are available in our home. These are some of them: 1.Hot water and lemon juice: Generally the people who want to loose weight will drink this juice commonly.Hot water is good for body.Mix of hot water and lemon juice is good home drink to reduce the fat in the body.As this is a nutritional drink which makes good for the body.Taking this juice after every meal helps in having good digestion and easy fat burn. 2.Hot water and Honey: This is one of the best home remedy to remove excess fat from the body.This juice must be taken in the early morning with empty stomach.This improves metabolism in the body and keeps you energetic in the whole day.Amino acids,proteins and minerals in honey helps not produce fat in the body. 3.Green tea: This can be made in the home in easy ways.This is good for health in many ways it reduces fat in the body.We can drink this tea when it was hot or cold.This green tea makes runoff the abondened contaminants in the body.Taking this tea helps in reducing of hair falling and drying of skin. 4.Vegetable juice: Kakara juice is the best juice to remove bad fat from the body.This keeps the sugar levels in control.Carrot and tomato juice also helps to remove excess fat in the body. The person who want to remove excess fat from the body make this juices at home and this makes you live healthily and happily.

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