Kids are rare who don't love sweets. So, parents often promise their children to buy sweets for them if they do some mischief. Also, when we are going to a house, if a small child is there, we prefer sweets as gifts. Isn't it? Because we know sweets are the best and easy things that make kids happy. Practice of giving sweets to kids was started from early eras itself. It is true that sugar contained in certain food items is necessary for the growth of kids. Sweet potato, soya chunks, peas, oats meal etc contain certain carbohydrate content in sugar that are essential for the growth of children. But recent studies suggest to give sweets to kids in a controlled way since they may lead to many health hazards including obesity and retarded mental growth. Also, kids who love sweets more hate to eat normal food. It will really affect the health and brain development of the kid. Here, I am giving you 5 points that should be noted while giving sweets to your kids.

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Reduce bakery food as much as possible

Never give sweets like halwa, jilebi, ledoo etc to kids regularly. Such sweets contain energy only, no nutritious factors needed for kid's growth. They never contain proteins, vitamins and minerals and if they are given in excess, kids begin to hesitate eating normal food. Also, if sweet is taken before normal meal, kids will lose their hunger. Also, we can never say whether bakery sweets are made in good and clean conditions. If your kids love sweets, try to give them fruits instead of sweets. Also, if possible, prepare them at home itself. It is often seen that sugar content used for preparing sweets and juices are just sugar substitutes that are very cheap, but can bring many health problems. Saccharine is a commonly used sugar substitute which is very harmful to body. Also many chemicals and artificial colours are added in extra to such bakery items. Also, avoid packet foods and juices as much as possible since they contain many artificial colours and preservatives. Continuous use of packet foods and drinks is one of the main causes of obesity and many health hazards associated with it.

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Sweets only twice a week

Why can't you give sweets to your kids just 1-2 days in a week? Nutritional content of sugar is nil, but it can give you energy. 1 teaspoon sugar contains about 20,000 calories of energy. Never give your kid more than 30 gram sugar each day. Otherwise it will invite many health problems along with that excess amount of sugar. Seeing advertisements, never give glucose drinks regularly to kids. Glucose can cause a sudden increase of energy in the body which is not at all advisable. They should be used only when your kid is not eating food or if he is tired.

Overdose invites diseases

If a kid intakes more amount of sugar, excess calories will be stored in the body, which will lead to obesity for sure, in the distant future. It is better to have a healthy body than a fat one. Excess intake of sugar can reduce the immunity of the body and also it may make your body tired. It will adversely affect your kid's character, alertness and studies. Those kids having attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, if intake sugar in excess can adversely affect them.
Excess intake of sugar often leads to dental problems. After eating sweets and chocolate, if teeth is not cleaned properly, bacteria affect them easily causing tooth decay. Kids who eat excess chocolates are seen with black coloured teeth known as dental caries. Make a habit to brush your kid's teeth soon after having sweets. It can protect your kid's teeth for sure. Even the babies who drink bottled milk are seen with this problem. So, always clean their mouth soon after giving milk. You can also make them drink a little water to reduce sweet content in the mouth.
Those kids who love sweets may hesitate to eat normal food which may lead to nutritional deficiency and many diseases afterwards. It adversely affects the growth of your kid. But, excess eating of sugar in early ages never lead to diabetics in future unless his father or mother has that disease. If father has diabetics, the probability of its occurrence in kid is 7% and if mother has diabetic problems, only 2% chance exists for its occurrence in the kid. But excess usage of sugar can lead to obesity which may pave way to diabetics. Also, excess intake of sugar leads to the storage of calories in the form of fat which may lead to many heart diseases.

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If your kid is overweighed, give more attention

Low calorie sugar may be given to such kids. But it should be avoided in children with normal weight. Otherwise it may reduce their energy. If possible, while giving milk to overweighed kids avoid sugar. This will surely help to cut down some unwanted calories. One glass milk contains 120 kilo calories while 1 teaspoon sugar contains 20 kilo calories. Also, give them promises of  a good book or a toy rather than chocolates and ice cream to achieve a particular goal or preventing them from doing mistakes. Similarly, while visiting a friend or relative, gift their children with some good books, toys or colouring items instead of sweets.

Jaggery is better than sugar

Use jaggery instead of sugar while preparing sweets at home. Jaggery contains iron content needed for the growth of children which can reduce their iron deficiency to some extent. It contains same calories as that of sugar. You can use jaggery to prepare ragi, payasam, flattened rice, drinks etc.

Can love of sugar be reduced?

Of course it is possible. Main thing that can be done is reducing the sugar content in every sweet before giving it to them. Studies have proved that those kids who eat more sugar content regularly like it more. So, if sugar content is reduced, it will gradually become a habit and your child won't be too addicted to sweets. Normally, when kids cry or do some mischief parents give them sweets. This habit should also be avoided. Never promise your child to buy chocolates for him, if he do something according to your wish. Instead, promise him some toy or books. If a kid is good in studies, gift him only study materials, not sweets. If your kid is grown up, you can advice him and make him aware about health hazards of sweets. Kid should also try from his side. Then only love for sweets can be reduced. Also, praise and encourage him if he understands you and reduces the intake of sweets.

Hoping this article will prompt many parents to reduce amount of sweets given to their kids and they will of course give kids books and toys instead of chocolates.

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