Biscuits are supposed as one of the most common food item used as a snack. People take it very simply. Have you ever thought that it can be transformed into some tasty and delicious recipes that can easily make your mouth water. These are not simple snacks you make a variety of dishes from it to get praised by people. But before I start sharing recipes with you I want to share some information about this simple but delicious snack. So come start the journey of finding the birth of biscuit and how it comes into existence and other details related to it.

History of Biscuits 

According to various reports and sources the existence of this particular snack was found from the sixteenth century. At that time is was considered as a form of bread. This snack got its name from a Latin word that is panis biscoctus. At the beginning stages it has gone through various changes and advancement to get a perfect and the desired product by various peoples or bakers. At the beginning it was considered as the one only consumed by the rich people. It was well considered as a symbol or status. But slowly and gradually it becomes popular among all parts of the society. You can simply find it in a variety of shapes and sizes as well as different flavours like glucose, chocolate, orange, pineapple, salted, cheesy and many others.

Now it’s time to check out some yummy recipes that can easily be made with this and get appreciation from people and a way to make your kids happy. 

Chocolaty and crunchy smiley 

We all are completely aware about the kids love for chocolate as well as biscuits. You can easily take advantage of this love and make something for them to see their beautiful smile. For this you need glucose biscuits, chocolate, candies and tutti fruity. For making crunchy chocolate smiley take a double boiler and melt the chocolate in it. You can also use preheated oven or microwave for melting it. When your chocolate look like a syrup now take biscuits and start coating it with chocolate and take a greased tray to place biscuits. After coating it make eyes and mouth with candies and tutti fruity.  After doing all this put them in refrigerator for setting. Your yummy chocolaty and crunchy smiley is ready.  It is a great recipe that can be used as a starter or for a kid’s party. They will simply get attracted towards it.

Crunchy munchy baby pizza

We all know that kids love pizzas. On the same time this recipe has a great opportunity for variations and innovation. Now let’s discuss about how you can make this type of pizzas. For this you need cream cracker biscuits along with it onion cut in circles, and tomato cut in circle, olives or any topic you want to make or you like the one. Try to use those toppings which are healthy for your kids. Now take a dish place cream cracker biscuits in it spread tomato sauce or you can use tomato chill sauce to make it bit spicy all over it evenly. Now put onion springs and tomato springs on it, place vegetables or toppings as per your choice sprinkle mozzarella cheese on it. Now put this dish to microwave for 5-10mins or till the cheese melts properly. Here is your delicious biscuit pizza.

 Delicious biscuit Smoothie 

This is really a good desert recipe for any occasion or party. It will simply grab the attention of every age group.  Now go through the recipe. Take a packet of sweet biscuits crush them roughly and them mix melted butter in it. Mix it well and give a binding texture to it and keep it in refrigerator for setting.  Now take half litres of milk and put it for boiling. Take 25gm of custard powder and put little cold milk and stir well to make a paste now pour this paste of custard powder and milk in boiling milk. Stir them well otherwise lumps will form in it. When it become thick off your gas and keeps for cooling and after that pit some chopped oranges to give out a nice flavour in it. Now put it in refrigerator for setting. Now take out nice serving glasses or smoothie classes. Make a layer of biscuit and butter mixture in the bottom of the glass. Take a pippin bag fill it up with custard. You can also sprinkle some chocolate chips or grated chocolate to give it a unique taste. Garnish it with orange slice or chocolate slice and keep it in refrigerator till serving.

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