Do not think that bananas are only made for monkey. And if you see monkeys eating bananas the other day, say to yourself that our ancestors are indeed pretty wise than us. Bananas have got loads and loads of upsides that will make you even keep the apple away. From the ability of preventing kidney cancer to simply improve your digestion, bananas should become the order of the day for you.

For these who need to constantly work in front of laptops and computers, bananas should do the trick. Taking care of the eyes is very important for such people. Bananas help protect eyes against the macular degeneration. Though macular degeneration has nothing directly to do anything with the job profile as it is a age-related problem for a person, bananas certainly are good for the eyes.

Bananas are rich in potassium and that’s why students can benefit from this. Consuming a banana when preparing for an exam can help students learn things faster and easily, because bananas can make one more alert.

Consuming at least one full banana during the meal can help in stabilizing the blood sugar levels. It can also help in reducing nausea from morning sickness. Bananas also play a vital role in bringing down the body temperature. So, if you feel hot or your body temperature has risen, nothing like a banana may give you the instant relief.

Those of you, who are trying to quit smoking but cannot in any way, surrender yourself unto the bananas and they will bail you out. This fruit contains vitamin B in abundance apart from magnesium and potassium, as said above. These help in controlling the withdrawal effect from smoking. So, you do not feel like going back to light one again and again.

The inside of the peel of bananas also come in handy. You can rub it on your body if a bug bites you. It will instantly aid in reducing the irritation as well as the itching sensation. The inside of the peel can also be used for shining your leather shoes. Polish the shoes with a dry cloth after rubbing the peel. Your shoes should get a quick and long-lasting shine.

Bananas are a rich source of antioxidants. That is why they can easily protect against chronic diseases. So, being regular in consuming at least one banana per day, should see you winning the battle against most of the problems before they even start troubling you.

For type II diabetes, bananas play a key role in protecting the person from suffering any more. They also help in strengthening the nervous system. Bananas also help in producing white blood cells in the body. All this is possible due the presence of the B-6 vitamin.

Those who are looking for some instant relief from any of the diseases or problems mentioned above will certainly like to try these tips out. But, it is strongly advised to have a talk with your doctor or physician first so that he can personally guide you. Going for the treatment by only reading an article will not make much sense.

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