Not only patients, in fact all the individuals should take special care regarding their diet. Patients in order to get rid of diseases and healthy individuals in order to stay away from diseases should consume balanced diet.

Usually, wheat bread, pulses, rice, green leafy vegetables, seasonal sweet and juicy fruits, milk, milk products are consumed throughout the day by Indians in their meals. North Indian diet consists mainly of wheat bread. South Indians and in east, people eat more amount of rice. Also, seasonal fruits vary from one state to another as seasonal fruit available in plenty in one state would not be available in other states. Thus, for that particular region, the staple food they have been consuming since long period and seasonal fruit available easily over there are considered to be appropriate. Here, the most important thing is time schedule of the food to be eaten. A person has to divide his meals right from waking up in the morning till bed time as per the availability of the stuff in his state. There exists individual who consider food as their life's biggest and most valuable achievement. They keep eating one or the other thing right from the time they wake up till the bed time. Through this, they will reap harmful effects on their body. While making a time schedule of food consumed, one should take care of the fact  that at least there should be a gap of three hours in between.

In the morning time for breakfast, fruit juice can be consumed. One can also consume milk but should avoid coffee, tea etc..... In lunch, one can prefer to eat bread, rice, vegetables etc..... In the evening time in the name of light snacks, drinking some fruit juice or consuming some fruits can be a good option. One should finish dinner at least three hours before one sleeps. A glass of warm milk is beneficial for health if consumed half an hour before bed time. In this way, one can schedule a proper time table for themselves along with a diet chart. Good diet plays an important role to keep an individual healthy. 'Simple food and high thinking' has been the mentality of Indians right from earlier times. This impart effects on body through which heart, brain and body of an individual remains healthy.


Energy yielding chlorophyll rich bread:-

To make this bread, wheat, soybean, pearl millet, corn, black chickpea, green gram, red lentils, black gram, yellow pigeon peas etc..... are taken in equal proportions. This mixture is then ground. Juice of spinach and radish leaves is extracted. This juice is used to knead the flour. Dough is allowed to rest for 4 hours. Small amount of salt, roasted cumin seeds and onion finely chopped are added to it. Small breads are rolled out of dough and are allowed to cook from both sides on pan. This bread contains protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and all essential minerals in adequate quantities.

Nutritious khichadi:-

Hand powdered rice, sprouted green gram, moth bean, chick peas, red lentils, green peas all five pulses and rice are taken in equal quantities. One green chilly, finely chopped ginger, one finely chopped onion, finely chopped carrot, spinach, cabbage etc..... are taken in small quantities. In 1 tsp of refined oil, ginger and onion are fried. Later all the vegetables are added along with water, turmeric powder, coriander powder and salt. It is cooked on low heat. When all the pulses and vegetables are cooked and water dries up 1 tsp of oil is warmed up. Mustard seeds are put in it. When they starts crackling, curry leaves are added and this is added to khichadi. This khichadi is very nutritious and delicious to eat.

Green gram dosa:-

Green gram is sprouted. These sprouts are ground and allowed to rest for 4 hours. Small amount of salt, green chilly and ginger are added to it. Water is added to it as required. This batter is spread on pan and dosa is made. This green gram dosa can be eaten with chutney of coriander leaves. This is very useful for diabetic patients.

Chick peas bread:-

Sprouted chick peas are ground. As per the requirements, wheat flour is added to it and the mixture is kneaded. Small breads are rolled out of dough and cooked from both sides on pan.


Vegetables of bitter gourd:-

Fresh bitter gourd is taken. Skin of it is peeled out. In a bowl, coriander powder, gooseberry powder. ginger and salt are added. This mixture is filled inside bitter gourd. 1 tsp of oil is warmed in the frying pan and stuffed bitter gourd is cooked in it. This stuffed bitter gourd is very beneficial especially in case of diabetic patients.

Mashed egg plants:-

Egg plant can be cooked in oven or directly on gas. Its skin is peeled and is slightly mashed up. Tomato, ginger, onion are finely grind and and added to it. 1 tsp of oil is added to frying pan and this mixture is fried in it. After 4-5 minutes it is removed from gas and served along with bread or rice.

Mixed vegetables:-

Mixed vegetable is very nutritious for patients. It improves health. Vegetables like carrot, radish, tomato, cabbage, cauliflower etc..... are finely chopped. 1 tsp of oil is added to cooker. All these vegetables are added to it. 1 cup of water is added to it. Lid is closed and vegetables are allowed to cook. Later salt and other spices can be added. This vegetable is healthy as well as very tasty.

Spinach dumplings:-

Fresh spinach leaves are chopped. Water is added to chick peas flour and a batter is been prepared. Chopped spinach leaves, chopped garlic and onion is added to the batter. Salt and spices as per the requirements can be added. Small dumplings are prepared and fried in olive oil.

Vegetable juice:-

Vegetable juice is very beneficial in case of diabetes as well as in case of other diseases. With the help of juicer, juice can be extracted from various vegetables like spinach, carrot, cabbage, cauliflower etc..... Little amount of salt should be added to this juice and should be consumed.

Diabetic patients should avoid fruit juices. This can increase their blood sugar level as most of the fruits contain large amount of sugar. But they can drink vegetable juice in large amount.

Vegetable salad:-

Salad is beneficial for all individuals irrespective of their age group. On consuming salad, body's vitamins and minerals requirements get fulfilled in adequate amount. All the individuals especially patients suffering from various diseases should eat carrot, radish, spinach, radish leaves, onion, tomato, cucumber etc..... before or during the meals.


Soups of chick peas, soybean, groundnut, tomato, mushroom is very useful. It fills belly. Thus, if a person drinks soup just before meals will consume less amount of food and this will increase his efficiency of digestion. Also, individuals who are overweight should regularly consume soups.


Soybeans are a reserve of proteins. There are many more essential vitamins present in soybeans. This can be eaten in many forms. Soybean flour can be added to the wheat flour and bread can be rolled out of this dough. Soybean can be roasted and eaten like a snack. Roasted soybean flour can be used to prepare variety of dishes.

Soybean is soaked in water for 12-14 hours. Later, removed from water and made into thin paste. If soybean paste is 1 cup then 10 cups of water is added to it. This is filtered through a muslin cloth and is boiled along with small size cardamom. This is called as soybean milk and is very nutritious. Curd can also be prepared from soybean milk. Out of soybean curd, butter milk can be prepared. Soybean dosa can be prepared by mixing soybean flour with chick peas flour. Papad can be made by grinding soybean and green gram together. Pudding can be made out of soybean milk. In this way, soybean being the reserve of protein acts like a boon to us.


First of all, cereals are cleaned of any impurities. They are then washed with water. They are soaked for 10-12 hours in water. Later, they are tied in muslin cloth. In between, some water should be sprinkled over the cloth. Sprouts appear from grains in couple of days. These sprouts are very nutritious and healthy.


In order to avoid vitamins from being washed from vegetables, certain precautions have to be taken. Vegetables have to be cut in large chunks. In 1 kg of vegetable, 1 cup of water should be added and cooked by covering the lid of the vessel or else should be cooked in pressure cooker. In this way, vitamins of cooked vegetables does not get destroyed.

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