Diet plays an important role to remain healthy. Many specialists from the field of modern medical science have started paying attention to diet. All have accepted the truth that wrong eating habits play major role in the causation of disease. One must always include lots of raw fruits, vegetables including green vegetables and sprouts in their diet. This kind of eating habit is considered to be better for good health when compared with the diet containing cooked food stuff or fried items. Fruit and vegetable juices also play an important role in our lives to keep us healthy. Drinking juices of carrot, apple, grapes etc..... will not only improve our health but in fact create a radiant glow on our face. Inner health always reflects outside. More the person is healthy from inside more the glow on his skin appears. Now a days, we only depend on modern medicines for the treatment of the diseases rather than concentrating on our dietary habits. Its been proved that the effect that we receive by including greens and fruits in our diet plan is far better than the effect shown by modern medicines.Specialists worldwide are today recommending more and more usage of these healthy juicing habits in the treatment of diseases.

Since last few decades natural therapy is becoming more and more popular. Juicing has been awarded more importance in this therapy. It plays an important role not only in treatment of day to day infections but also in the treatment of severe diseases. Modern medicines have sometimes failed and have become ineffective in the treatment of certain diseases of severe grade, but in such conditions too, consumption of raw foods and fresh healthy juices has shown great effects. Each and every drug has one or more side effects. Many drugs used in the treatment of certain diseases and infections are quite poisonous. After long usage of such poisonous drugs, medical science has stopped using them and is laying more importance in the treatment by natural methods. Doctors as well as patients are now a days giving more importance to eating a right balanced nutritious diet. For mankind it should be a matter of great enthusiasm and they by making use of nature's raw fruits and vegetables should prolong their life and should live healthily. They should move in a right direction to achieve happiness of body and mind. Since each and every drug used in medical science has its own side effect, it further harms our sensitive body whereas, adopting healthy living style can make us stronger.

All of us wish for a happy, peaceful and prosperous life. Health lays a foundation for these achievements. In absence of good health, these things are not possible. In today's busy life, none of us follow basic foundation rules of health which are very essential to keep our body and mind healthy and none of us even therefore care to follow proper diet.

Most of us believe in destiny and therefore we shoulder the responsibility of our health on God. We today have forgotten the difference between healthy living and unhealthy living and therefore we have stopped consuming raw products also. We only consume such products which seem to be appealing to our taste buds. We have become servants of our taste buds and these taste buds which appear to be so small and tiny are overpowering us and our lives by ruling us and have become our masters. When we fall ill, we curse our destiny and this has become our behavior pattern. This behavior pattern has made us neglected towards our health and thus we do not care to follow even basic rules of health. On falling sick or on developing even minor infection we run to doctors and fill in our body with poisonous chemicals in the form of drugs. It is true that these drugs do provide initial relief and help us to get rid of infections and also helps in the treatment of diseases. However, these effects are only temporary and are not permanent. If such an infection or disease recur then in order to treat them we need to take medicines of high dosage and even more powerful which in turn means even more poisonous. This in turn produces more side effects. As a result, one disease gives rise to many diseases or disorders. In this way, we get trapped into a poisonous trap from where it becomes highly impossible to come outside.

There is no point in becoming sad and unhappy. There is an easy and effective way to come out of this poisonous trap of these medicines. First and foremost thing we all need to know and understand is that food plays an important role in our lives. Irrespective of infections, diseases or disorders a person is suffering from and irrespective of the severity, let us all understand that unhealthy food consumption is the main cause behind them. Laziness that we show in our eating habits, make us pay later in our lives. We can only remain healthy if we eat healthy. Natural food in our diet is a method to keep us healthy. Mother nature has lots of medicine in her lap but among them proper diet is the superior of all of them. In contrast to this, improper diet gives rise to various diseases. If we understand thoroughly these two concepts then we can become tension free on the subject of health. Our modern diet is based on taste. We should make our diet to be based on good health rather than taste. If we change our eating habits, we can save money that is been spent on our medicines. Proper diet is one which provides nutrition to all the vital organs of our body as well as helps in their proper functioning.

We need to carefully study and understand the ability and inability of our diet to help us achieve good health and food items present in our diet. Raw foods in the form of fruits, vegetables, herbs are more beneficial in comparison to cooked food. Raw vegetables and their juices bless us with good health whereas canned fruits and canned fruit juices do not do so. Bread, biscuits, jams, sweets etc..... are of no use when it comes to achieve good health. In cooking process, all the essential vitamins and minerals as well as other nutritional elements present in foods get destroyed and thus our daily nutritional requirement does not get fulfilled. As a result, body becomes prone to diseases and infections. Thus, consuming foods in their original raw form can prove to be very beneficial to our health. Addition of sugar, salt and other spices which makes an addition to taste can make the food deficient of nutrition as well as can create constipation.

Now a days, number as well as variety of foods and drinks are increasing largely. Apart from this, we seriously indulge ourselves in so many parties particularly late night parties and consume lots of unhealthy foods. Along with unhealthy foods we indulge ourselves in many unhealthy habits like skipping breakfast, eating late night, eating in excessive amount, eating vigorously etc..... As a result, our life style has become unhealthy and irregular. Our biological rhythm is in danger due to irregularity in our eating habits as well as irregularity in sleeping and waking pattern. Apart from this, excretory activity of body is becoming affected. Now a days, body pain, headache, insomnia along with gastric troubles, acidity, constipation etc..... have become very common. We are getting addicted to tea and coffee. Addiction of tobacco in various forms is also not very uncommon. As a result of this, these poisonous foreign bodies have started getting accumulated and have started showing their ill-effects on our body. More and more number of insecticides and pesticides are sprayed to increase the yield of raw materials. These not only make raw products poisonous but also decrease their nutrition. All these procedures are harmful to health. Sprouts, raw vegetables and fruits are right raw products for good health. In that too, consuming juices is considered to be equivalent to nectar. Thus, we need to understand the importance of eating raw for the sake of our better health.

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