Our ancestors discovered the technique of cooking food. Earlier they used to consume food in its original state i,e., in its raw form, regardless of whether the food they were eating was a vegetable, fruit or meat obtained from hunting animals and birds. Slowly, they invented fire and thereby started cooking food which definitely added a taste and aroma to it. As a result, today we all prefer cooked food instead of raw. Apart from human beings, no other living being consume food in cooked manner.

Its true that cooking enhances taste but also takes away essential nutritious elements present in food. This kind of food may fill up the stomach but is unable to provide strength, essential nutrition as well as health to the body. Its a proven fact that most of the diseases and disorder we have been suffering in our day to day life is a result of consuming food devoid of nutrition. Today we all have developed a belief that food is essential for our body as it is meant to supply energy which is essential to carry out various functions. Apart from this, it provides heat to keep our body warm along with strength to keep body active. But, we are unaware that we need good nutritious elements in our food like carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, essential minerals, fats etc..... Each element has got its own role to play. In absence of even a single element, body becomes prone to diseases or may develop disorders.These essential nutrients get destroyed in the process of cooking. Consuming food in its original raw form makes sure that we get all the nutrients in required form. Such is the importance of consuming raw food.

We now a days are paying more importance to taste. Thus, are consuming grilled, fried foods and are adding lots of spices to it. Such food cannot fulfill our daily nutritional requirements. Its true that cooked food is comparatively tastier. Thus, we tend to eat such foods more in amount than required. As a result, it gives rise to constipation and thereby makes us prone to various diseases.

Now the question arises, whether can we pay more attention towards eating raw, unprocessed foods? People are scared of eating raw foods as they usually complain of heaviness in stomach along with pain that is accompanied due to gastric complains. However, these symptoms can easily be ruled out if proper care is taken. These symptoms arise as we have programmed our digestive system to eat more and more amount of cooked food. Raw foods when gulped down without proper chewing can result in constipation or heaviness. Once we develop proper chewing habits, we can rule out all these complaints. To digest cooked food, we need more time whereas uncooked food gets easily digested and within no time. Not only this, juices of fruits and vegetables get digested within a span of 30 minutes and the essential nutrients present in them start mixing and flowing within the blood and various body organs.

There is no doubt that raw foods and juices of fresh fruits and vegetable are better option of a healthy living lifestyle than consuming cooked, processed foods. Sprouting increases nutrition whereas cooking decreases the same. Amount of thiamine, pentothenic acid are found in increased amount in sprouts. We get lots of Vitamin A and C by consuming such sprouts. Doctors specially recommend sprouts to growing children as it promotes growth as well as highly recommended to lactating mothers also.

Even if we start consuming half of our daily diet in raw and unprocessed form, day by day we can see lots of improvement health wise. There will appear a shiny glow on our face which will be difficult to hide as inner health always reflects outside. Disorders of out body like fluctuations in blood pressure and increased blood sugar level will automatically come back to normal range. Metabolic disorders will get corrected by itself. Infections irrespective of their grade of severity will automatically start vanishing. Our diseases which are all known to be born due to wrong eating habits will show remarkable improvement and if this kind of lifestyle is continued, may get completely treated leaving no signs of residual infection or disorder. Such is the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. All we need to do is stop ourselves from falling prey to our taste buds and start adopting a healthy life style by planning our diet which is rich in raw foods and juices of fresh fruits and vegetables.

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  1. mohan manohar

Raw foods are good but heavy utilisation of fertilisers on raw fruits can be bad for health.

  1. Reena

Organic fruits are not easily available and thus we are not left with any option. We have to unfortunately consume these raw fruits with heavily sprayed fertilizers on them. However, proper cleaning can reduce intake of harmful fertilizers a little.

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