Advanced scientific research studies has proved that sugar intake in our dietary meals has to be minimal for achieving and maintaining good health. Ayurveda and natural therapies also does not very well recommend the inclusion of sugar in our daily diets. Sugar can be replaced by honey and fruit juices. Sugarcane juice is used in the manufacture of jaggery. Sugar is also made from sugarcane juice. However, sugar cane juice is considered to be nutritious in comparison to jaggery. Sugar is not at all considered to contain any nutritious element in it and thereby does not carry any nutritious value.

We all are very well aware with the fact that our ancestors were way too healthy when compared to us and the reason behind their good health was their healthy eating habits and amongst these healthy eating habits, one was no inclusion of sugar in their diet. Even after eating no sugar, they were very strong as they would get their glucose content from fruits, vegetables and other raw foods. Studies have shown that human body does not require sugar to produce energy. One can get enough amount of glucose thereby converting into energy by consumption of fruits, vegetables and grains.

Our blood is alkaline in nature. That's why it is recommended to consume more and more amount of foods which are alkaline in nature.Sugar does not contain any alkaline element. Sugar and other food items prepared from it after getting digested are known to leave acidic elements in body. This is not considered to be healthy for body. Apart from this, chemical treatments done on sugar to make it white and pure are known to destroy its nutritious value. It is a long-term slow poison and a bad addiction. It is considered to be harmless and thus people become addicted to it. This is a myth and studies has shown that it does more damage to body than any drug been consumed world wide or even poison.

Excess consumption of sugar in our daily diet is known to cause diabetes, heart diseases, hypoglycemia, skin diseases and disorders, tooth decay and other dental diseases. Apart from these diseases, it also results in increased level of cholesterol in blood. Cholesterol gets deposited in inner areas of valves and result in their constriction. Heart has to work a lot to pump blood from these constricted blood vessels. As a result, excess of work load on heart, weakens it and sometimes it may stop working resulting in cardiac arrest or heart attack.

In this way, excess consumption of sugar can result in adverse effects on body. Not only this, it also produces ill-effects on both physical and mental health. As a consequence, body becomes prone to various disorders and diseases. This is the reason that sugar is compared to a poison which is sweet in taste but slowly weakens the whole of the body structure, inviting to lots of ailments. Getting rid of it or using it in minimal quantity should be done to achieve sound health.

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