Instant noodles of which ever company, vary on some ingredients, vary on taste; but, all of them have some basic ingredients, which are health hazard; in fact, they are the root cause, which make instant noodles a health hazard. Some instant noodles have, these health harming ingredients, in less quantity and some in more quantity. Depending on that quantity meter, the health harming meter differs. So question is, what are harms of these health harming ingredients, which are found common in different instant noodles; but vary in proportion?

Well they are-

1) Wax-

Yes, that much wax is used, to make instant noodles that a human cannot digest, in one day. It needs days of approximately 7 in row, to digest that much wax; which is used to make instant noodles. Any food remaining undigested, for 7 days in stomach, would make nothing else; but impairs digestion. But, why that much wax is used to make instant noodles? What is purpose of using that much amount? Can't instant noodles be made without it? Well, it is used to maintain elongated non-sticky shape of, instant noodles; after cooking them. Because, if it is not used; then instant noodles will come out broken, into small pieces; sticked to each other, after cooking. As, I said, its amount vary with different companies; that's reason, why some instant noodles are some what sticky and some are not sticky at all; which are totally un-sticky, they are much tastier. So, for taste, you are paying price of instant noodles, remaining in your stomach for 7 days; impairing your digestion.

2) Refined flour-

Yes, no doubt wheat flour based instant noodles called as, "attat noodles" have come in market; but, still market is flooded with, refined flour based instant noodles because they are much tastier than wheat flour based and public purchase tastier one more. So, based on purchase, refined one are found more, in market. But, why refined flour is used, to make instant noodles and what is its harm? Refined flour makes cooking process of, instant noodles fast; whereas wheat flour based instant noodles, take more time to cook. And fast food is called fast because it get consumed fast and cooked fast. But, again for fast cooking, you have to pay price of nutrient lack; in refined flour based, instant noodles because refined flour contains, no nutrients whereas wheat flour contains essential nutrients; power packed in it, it is not like nutrient lacking refined flour.

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