When we offer an Ice cream cup or Ice cream cone to children, then they will surely spread it on their hands and around their mouth. But now an Ice cream has been introduced which could not spread on their hands and around the mouth. This new Ice cream looks like thermocol balls or chocolate chips. These have become children’s latest favorite in all over the world.

Actually, Normal Ice cream is like butter and milk cream. When we taste this Ice cream, it will be slippery and melts very soon in the mouth. But the Ice cream, which looks like the thermocol balls, no one can expect them as ice cream. We need to keep them in the mouth and have it directly like a chocolate. Therefore, it is truly ice cream and it is known as Ice cream snack. These Ice cream snacks are available in attractive colors, and in different tasty flavors like pineapple, chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, black currant, pista, cardamom, Alphonso mango, coffee, cookies and cream, double choc chip, shahi kulfi, cotton candies. The specialty of this Ice cream snack is, we can have more than one flavor at a time. When you keep it in your mouth, you may get the feeling of having some ice cream chocolate but not as normal ice cream. Compare to normal ice cream, ice cream snacks are weightier. Because due to thorough beating in normal ice cream, it is filled with air, but that air won’t be present in these ice cream snacks. So these ice cream snack weight is more as air cannot enter into it.  We need to freeze these ice cream snacks in an air tight place. This is the reason even flavors also more in the ice cream snacks compare to normal ice cream. To store these ice cream snacks, we need to place them in a cooler place. So when serving this in a cup, immediately you need to have it. If you plan to take to your house from the shop, they immediately melt and becomes like normal ice cream.

How to prepare:

In 1987, a person’s name Kurt Jones, a microbiologist, first time prepared this snack ice cream. According to his profession, Jones used to do number experiments on probiotic bacteria to store in humidity. As one of the experiments, with the help of liquid nitrogen, he stored those bacteria as small balls. Later, while preparing ice cream at home, he got an idea to make ice cream balls by freezing ice cream in small ball shape. Then, with the help of liquid nitrogen he has made ice cream as a small ice creams ball by storing at less than zero degrees. Later he tasted it and liked it. He released this ice cream with name of ‘Dip the dust, ice cream of the future’ into the market. With this inspiration, American companies have become competitors. They have introduced this frozen dust more to the world. Mini melts is one of the American company tells their ice cream is the coolest ice cream in the world as they freeze it at -187 degrees. In India last year they started 1200 above outlets and branded ice cream has owned 12 % in the market. Though whatever company it is, but this ice cream snack is not available in retail shops. To store these ice cream balls at least -40 centigrade is necessary. So they are available in special franchised outlet only. So when you go to malls or amusement parks. If you find these ice cream balls stall, then don’t miss the chance of enjoying these amazing taste.


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