Organic food is really healthier choice? 

And look at the benefits and concerns of traditional foods for organic products 

In 1990 

Since the emergence of organic food, and a subsequent rise in popularity in the late 1990's, someone may question the alleged superiority. Skeptics and makers of traditional foods claimed that the benefits of organic food and were based on the theory, not fact. Others claim they are more organic products than traditional products are baseless and unproven. The truth behind all this controversy is that during testing in 1990, there were not enough done to prove the alleged benefits of organic products or confirm the disadvantages of conventional food production. 

Membership today's realities 

Since the '90s there have been various studies done to show the improvement of the nutritional value of organic agriculture through research and analysis of vitamins and nutrients and mineral content in both organically and conventionally grown produce. There are much higher levels of useful elements in the various organic products, including: 

* Chrome: prevents hardening of the arteries and diabetes type 2 

* Calcium and boron: building strong bones and prevent osteoporosis 

* Lithium: Any chemical, in antidepressants and mood stabilizers 

* Salicylic acid: an anti-inflammatory that can prevent heart disease 

* Antioxidants: protects cells from damage 

* Magnesium: helps to prevent death during heart attack 

* Selenium: Helps to prevent heart disease and some types of cancer 

* Vitamin C: builds on the immune system 

While these are just a few of the many food items that were found in organic products, they are not the only way. This can be obtained on a longer list will also be further research on the nutritional benefits of organic food. 

We look at the useful properties of organic foods, we may also think of the adverse effects of foods traditionally grown in order to understand exactly why organic food is better. When many of the chemicals used in agriculture and has been approved today, did not have were examined to determine the extent of the territorial integrity or the environment. After research and found that most chemicals used in conventional agriculture also have negative effects on humans. However, organic foods have been analyzed and found to contain harmful chemicals and heavy metals, solvents and various hormones. Some conditions that are associated with these materials include the following: 

* Cancer 

* Heart disease 

* Osteoporosis 

* Migraine 

* Hyperactivity 

* Decreased intelligence 

* Hearing impairment 

* Reduction of growth during childhood 

* Anemia 

* Alzheimer's disease 

* Multiple sclerosis 

* Rheumatoid arthritis 

* Early puberty 

* Antibiotics increase the resistant strains of diseases 

Again, no different from a list of benefits attributed to organic foods, and this list of harmful side effects caused by chemicals used in conventional agriculture is only a partial list. And research continues into the chemicals used in conventional agriculture and its impact on the human body and will be more conditions that would be added to this list. So far, most of the research on chemicals has been done to affect them individually. Also discussed the growing surrounding the various combinations of chemicals found in many traditional foods, and the possibility that still more of the requirements will be added to the list of negative affect on high. 

While there are many benefits, it is clear that organic agriculture, it is not free of impurities. It is known that organic products are more expensive, depending on where you can buy organic food, and can cost twice the regular grocery store brands. There is also concern that natural fertilizers such as manure and plant material can contain harmful organisms, such as Escherichia him. While the contamination is rare, can be harmful if eating right is not used. 

Even with the presence of defects, and organic food, which confirm to be more secure than traditionally grown foods for consumption. As well as health benefits and organic farming practices also benefit the environment, with it viable for years to come. ... Go Organic It's something good for society, good for the environment and good for you!

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