Not taking into account when the hysteria for the "swine flu" makes sense or not, the same argument that has been criminal in relation to this disease, especially by prohibiting the sale of the famous antiviral Tamiflu, produced by the laboratory. Under the pretext of protecting each of its own, progresses so absurd on individual freedom. This paternalism is immoral and inefficient, and contradictory. Enough of state paternalism.

Created the false news that is prohibiting the marketing of Tamiflu.

This version is a liar. What happens is that the stocks of medicine and Roche have difficulties just to refuel the market for the high demand for the product.

Spread that the public is without remedy, concentrated in the hands of MS.


The remedy is available in the reference of health units in each municipality.

The reference units are municipal, state or federal. Depends on the city.

Because of Tamiflu create resistance to its use by developing variants of the virus more resistant, MS adopted the position of minister it only in cases effective.

Any doctor of the health system can order the medicine for a reference from your city.

There is no way to set an economic system without any intervention or participation, even indirect state and the corrupt in a country, there is no way to pass the responsibility of the obligations of the state to private enterprise electing the state as mere supervisory agent, is I do the opposite even to the detriment of the high taxes already pay no return ....

I support public private partnerships in all sectors, but I am against this absurd idea that the market and institutions self regulate without interference of the state ....

You more than proved that this is a lie

But I do not know why gostariamde suspend the football games. Mining was the first time that it was Argentina, which, according to media, is the focus Maor America South Then the time came. Later in a city, which I do not remember the name, have the game since the public uses masks. This sounds fun. After all the flu is a serious disease and as such should be treated seriously, or what?

We already have 12% of deaths caused by swine influenza in the world

While the days until August 1, represents only 1.8% of cases of influenza A (H1N1) in the world, the number of deaths in the country amounted to 8% of total fatalities recorded on the planet by the WHO. With the new deaths announced this week in the states bringing the total to at least 140 deaths, 12% of total fatalities in the world. It is the same percentage of Mexico, where the pandemic started.

With the high percentage of deaths by disease in the country for victims of the disease in the world, infectious disease doctors are beginning to put in check the strategy of centralizing the distribution of the antiviral Tamiflu, used to treat the disease.

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