Cinnamon brings blood sugar to acceptable levels. Weight lifting has many benefits. Appetite increases only when muscles have work to do. You have poor lean tissue, which is why you have poor muscles. Once you work out your muscles, it will start consuming more energy, which will in turn make you have an increased appetite. Try to increase the amount of carbohydrates and protein in your diet at that juncture. Lift heavy weights and do lesser repetitions.

The reverse works true for weight loss. Lift light weights and do repetition. This helps toning the muscle since in weight loss, we need to do more cardio to burn the fat. Hence when a person is hungry in weight loss, he should try to eat less carbohydrates and more fiber. But NEVER cut off carbs. It is a cardinal sin for dieting. Purely because by cutting of carbs is equivalent to running a car without fuel. But yes, instead of simple carbs, try eating complex carbs.

Exercise is useless without good dieting and dieting is useless without exercise.

If you only exercise and don’t diet, your body will gain shape but you would not exactly lose weight, but if you diet and even just walk, your body will gain shape plus lose weight.

Another important tip for weight loss: Drink 2 liters of water. Most of the times, the brain sends hunger signals when you are thirsty. Never wait till your tongue feels dry which means your body is already in water-starvation mode

Insulin resistance occurs when the body is resistant to insulin, hence the pancreas produces more insulin. The major work of insulin is:

1) To convert starch into fat so whatever I eat gets converted into fat.

2) Insulin levels play with the endocrine system, hence most imp hormones are affected.

3) Insulin resistance is different from being a diabetic. Diabetic people need more insulin and this is the reverse.

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