Now-a-days drugs has played an important role  in our life by curing diseases which once seemed almost impossible. Really it was because of the the tireless efforts that were put in the medical fields so that we could lead a more healthier and happier life. Drugs come in different forms like tablets, capsules syrups etc. Sometimes we take them orally while at other times they are given in the form of injections. So long we take them in proper doses  under the guidance of doctors and surgeons they are effective and almost cures us from our sufferings and illness. We feel proud of our achievements in the field of medical science because most of our pain and sufferings ends up with the consumptions of these tablets and syrups. 

But hardly do we think about the worries that has come up with these achievements because now, unfortunately,we find our young generation misuses drugs. They use it illegally and take them for the purpose of pleasure and thrill. But hardly, they realise that this can ruin their life and can even led to the end of their life. This has happened many times in the past and it is still going on. Very often we come up with these articles in the headlines of news paper or we see it in  television. The government all over the world, including India, are trying to control this problem of society, but believe me it wont be under control until and unless our young generation realises what great trouble they are bringing upon themselves and indirectly to our society and nation. Lets pray to God so that the almighty give them (our youngsters)  enough courage not to indulge themselves with such activities and to fight against such immoral things wherever whenever possible.

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