Before we get deeper into the subject, we must know a little history that is related to vaccination. The word “vaccination” is derived from a Latin word “Vacca”which was related to cows. Louis Pasteur, was the man who developed the first ever vaccine for a disease known as smallpox. This vaccine was developed in his research for virus of cowpox. That is the reason why it was named “Vacca” and later named as vaccination. The  vaccination for smallpox worked as a wonder drug and saved many lives from the deadly virus. That very first invention of smallpox vaccination was a great attempt to save mankind from a deadly virus that had been the reason for several deaths in many societies. The successful invention of smallpox vaccination was a big achievement and later encouraged many others to discover vaccines for other diseases also.

From the day a child is born, the well being of a child is the utmost concern for every parent . We all want our children to be in good health and free from diseases. With the changing scenario for present environment and medical needs, immunization becomes one of the most important criteria to give a healthy lifestyle to our kids both in the present and the future times. All of us know that there are necessary vaccinations that are helpful to boost the immunity of children. The immunization process keeps the young ones free from serious diseases and infections, either for a certain period of time or permanently and also ensures a better health condition even in the future in many cases.

Vaccination is an effective method of prevention from diseases and infections. Over the years people have understood the importance of vaccinations and also consider it as a successful mediation of public health. Modern people know that vaccines effectively safeguards the immunity of a person through the disease or infection against which they are being vaccinated for. In today’s modern world, it is absolutely needless to mention that many vaccinations have been invented till date to prevent the human kind from many malignant infections and diseases. In fact, these vaccines have blessed us with a better and longer life or else life would not have been easier as it is for us today. With the help of these vaccines many nations have successfully reduced the risk of acquisition of many serious and infectious diseases though even if the diseases have not been eradicated completely. Now many cataclysmic childhood diseases like – polio, smallpox, diphtheria, rubella, measles and mumps are no more a threat and can be avoided or controlled.


Why is important to get Vaccinated?

The need for continual vaccinating your child gets more important with the changing lifestyles and trends - Well, it is a truth that it hurts to see your child being immunized with a needle, but that little pain that your child bears saves him from getting in contact of serious health issues. The concept of vaccination  is not only confined to children but to the adults also. Only a health practitioner can make you understand the importance of different vaccinations at different point of life. You must speak to your doctor about these vaccinations. A physician is a right person to inform you about the intricacies related a particular vaccine and how it will turn out to be helpful in the long run. A doctor will also let you know when the immunization of a particular vaccine has to be done. Why compromise with your precious health and the health of your little angel when medical technology has so much to bestow for a better health of your child. It is an old saying that “health is wealth” and we must take the best possible care of it with the means available.

Prepare yourself as well as your child for the vaccination. It is a duty of parents to boost morale of a child and get them prepared for a syringe shot. You can make them understand the importance of a vaccination . You can also announce a child’s favorite toy as a reward, if the child cooperate with the shot positively. It is difficult for a child to do so, but once the task is done you can give positive comments to boost the spirit of your little one. In this course, you must not forget that even you must get yourself vaccinated for some particular diseases for the sake of your child.

Not only children but every individual have a right to get them vaccinated for a particular disease – It is a fact that vaccinations are not only restricted to a child’s health. Every individual has a right to get vaccinated from a particular kind of diseases and infections. It is never too late to understand the importance involved in immunization process and if you find time for yourself to get vaccinated at the right point of time, you are lucky enough to save your life that is priceless.

We all know, in recent years many diseases and infections have been the part of our environment. We must thank science, to understand the complexities related to these infectious diseases and find an alternative known as vaccinations to save us from them.


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