Tulsi has been used in india for over 4000 years as a healing agent for body as well as mind.

Tulsi is a sacred plant in southern part of India. Most houses will have a tulsi madam ( A kind of cement pillar in which tulsi is

planted ). Usually women used to keep kumkum on the plant and pray daily morning after taking bath.During evenings they will light

lamp near tulsi and pray.In temples they give tulsi water as a prasadam.



Tulsi is also an excellent medical plant for men,women as well as childern.Given below are some of its medicinal




- Daily Eating 2 to 3 tulsi leaves will avoid cough , cold and many diseases.It will also purify the blood.

- It is an excellent medicine for pregnant women.Its juice reduces the labour pain to a great extent.Tulsi paste

cures the itching of skin on the breasts and stomach.

- For men,eating tulsi seeds will relieve the pain accompanied while passing urine.

- Giving two gms of juice thrice a day to children will keep them healthy by preventing from diseases.

- Tulsi juice cures all types of liver disorders in children.

- Put 2 or 3 leaves of tulsi to water to make it pure.It removes the microparticles if any.

- It is also used to remove the poison. If somebody is biten by snake, apply tulsi paste ( grinding the leaves and

roots of the plant ) to eyes,ears and the place of bite.

- It is also used in beauty treatments.

- It is used to cure leucoderma and acne.

- Grinding the tulsi seeds and eating it relieves muscular pain.

- Eating tulsi leaves improve the strength of uterus , regularising the menustral cycle.

- It is also one of the component used in the mixture which cures swine flu.


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