In today’s fast moving world health related problems due to anxiety is increasing day by day. Chlormezanone fights better than any other drugs against anxiety disorders. This drug is also used to get rid of muscle pains. This drug is also used as an ingredient in anesthesia for most of the surgical needs.Chlormezanone can be classified into two groups. One group consists of medications such as benzodiazepines. The other group consists of non-benzodiazepines and these type of medications finds its application in surgeries. Experiments made on neuromuscular transmission use chlormezanone as a vital ingredient. Chlormezanone affects different parts such as central nervous system contractile apparatus etc. This drug mainly consists of antidepressants for fighting against anxiety related problems and various muscle pains. Chlormezanone shall be taken only under the instructions of a physician. The dosage varies from patient to patient. Improper usage of this drug can lead to various other health related problems such as brain paralysis and may sometimes even death. Another main point to note is that this drug is not allowed to use if one is taking some other drugs at the same time. Central nervous system consists of beta-receptors. Chlormezanone blocks these beta-receptors and thus cut down the problems related to muscles. One of the major side effects associated with chlormezanone is that it reduces the calcium content in the body. This reduced calcium content in the body affects the strength of bones. Continuous usage of this drug can lead to shivering since it affects immune system. If this drug is used properly under proper instructions of a physician most of the disadvantages or say side effects can be reduced to a certain limit. Most of the countries like USA, Australia, Canada use chlormezanone due to quick effectiveness and faster recoveries. This drug is always on the safer side when used properly and according to correct dosage.

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