How a good Mulagu Rasam actually works and cures the worst of cold, runny nose, and fever. It is the jeera and mulagu that actually works to get the cold at rest. My favorite grandma remedy for cold and congestion. I am just recovering from a bad case of virus last week. Must say that Milk in which turmeric and pepper has been added when consumed at night really helped. Super remedy. I really love the kerala-type chukku vallam, hot water in which jeera, ajwain, dhania, and dried ginger are boiled and this water is had at meals for easing digestion. The water has a super flavor of its own.

Toothpaste - Some tips from my side

For cold - steam eduthukonga with vicks and Amrutanjan. Instant relief especially if cold is because of fever. Omavalli + tulsi few leaves wash panni put 1 glass of water and make it into 1/2 a glass of kashayam.

For stomach ache - few grains eduthudu oru verum cheenachettila kariya vittu 1 glass water with make it into couple of teaspoons.

You can also soak mendhayam over night and have it early morning in empty stomach with some warm water to follow. Over a period of time, gas problem will resolve.

The toothpaste remedy sounds good. I think these days the modern toothpaste have actually made my teeth more sensitive. Minty fresh breath, yes, but surely sensitive.

1) When you make bhindi (ladyfinger), add 2 teaspoons of curd beating it so as to avoid that sticky gummy substance coming from it.

2) Try chewing any kind of gum while cutting onions and your eyes would not water. Trust me it works. This is especially 4 guys who cook and live in hostels and hate to cut onions.

Onions - Even burning a small candle where one is chopping onions, stops the eye burning.

This has worked for a stye in the eye, boils of any sort-that take long to heal. Burns as hell but cures without a scar!

A mixture of Hibiscus leaves, hibiscus flowers, rose hibs, lemon, shikakai, mendiam, with Amla dried in the sun and powdered is great to wash hair with.

My aunt used to make this preparation. Wish I could get some time to do this.

(My hair is suffering with the neo shampoos available everyday in the market.)

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