How many of us have made chapati maav at night and found it rock solid after keeping it in fridge for next day?

Easiest tip: Roll the chapatti mav tightly in an aluminium foil and even if you keep it in the freezer, the mav is as soft as before. In fact you can immediately start rolling it without even waiting for it to cool. I do that now. On Sundays make enough mav to last me for a week.

It is very good for Ayyapa Season. If you don’t like vegetables because they are not masaledar (because of no onion/garlic), here is an easy tip. For whatever vegetables you make, first chop one tomato finely and sauté it in just about 1/4 tsp oil. This should make it like gravy. Now proceed with your usual procedure of cooking and at the end add 1/2-teaspoon dhania powder as black pepper.

Trust me your vegetarian recipe will taste better than the North Indian garam masala, etc..

To prevent Bhindi (ladyfinger) from sticking:

1) Never wash your bhindi after cutting them.

2) Never put water while cooking bhindi.

3) If at all you do this by mistake, add any sort of sour paste to the bhindi. You can add sour curd, tamarind paste or even one finely chopped tomato.

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