Boiled korameenu fish pieces -1 cup

Chopped mushrooms -1/2cup

Chopped green chilies – 4

Chopped onions – 2

Garlic petals – 6

Tomato sauce - 2spoons

Chopped ginger - 2 spoons

Lime juice - 1 spoon

Curry leaves

Garam masala - 1/2spoon

Turmeric powder - pinch

salt - according to the taste

Oil - according to the requirement to fry


Take a bowl and heat some oil. Now fry onions in that oil till they turn into gold color. Now mix chopped ginger, garlic petals, and chopped green chilies. After 5 minutes add chopped mushrooms, salt and turmeric powder. Now add some water and close the bowl with the lid. In the mean while mushrooms get boiled. So now add boiled fish pieces which we boiled before and kept. Then mix Tomato sauce. Finally add Garam masala. After 2 minutes, switch off the stove and add lime juice, curry leaves then close the bowl with a lid. therefore korameenu mushrooms parota is ready.

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