Mango jam – 11/2cup

Halva powder (this is available in the market) – 2 cups

Sugar- 3cups

Jaggery -1 cup

Elachi -12

Ghee – 1 cup

Chopped coconut -2spoons

Cherry – 8

Caju -12

Badam – 12

Water – 4 cups

Green color – 1pinch

Bat shaped chips -24

Process –

Take a bowl mix jaggery in halva powder. Now place this mixture on stove add some water. Let jaggery gets melt. Place another bowl and melt some Ghee in it. Now pour Jaggery and halva mixture in Ghee bowl. After the mixture gets in bit solid form then add some coconut, ghee, elachi powder and mix them. When the Ghee gets separated then adds Green color. Now take a tray apply Ghee to it then pour and spread the mixture in cone shape on the re on the tray. Add mango jam at the ending of the cone and decorate it with badam, cherry and caju. Arrange the bat shaped chips on the mixture in the tray. If these chips are not available then place them in the tray. Therefore Christmas tree is ready.




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