Dark chocolate mousse


Sugar – 150g

Water – 1 1/2cup

Egg – 4(yellow yolk only)

Dark chocolates – 350g

Cream – 540g

Process –

Place a bowl on the stove, add some water and sugar then mix them finely, and wait until the sugar gets melts completely. Now add egg yolk in that sugar syrup. Mix them finely. After the mixture gets cooled. Now take another bowl and melt dark chocolate in it. When this dark chocolate mixture gets cooled then adds cream in it. Now add this dark chocolate and cream mixture in sugar syrup which we prepared before. After it gets mixed then stop the flame. Now take the mixture in a bowl and place it in the refrigerator. When the mixture gets cooled then takes it out of the refrigerator. Therefore dark chocolate mousse is ready. I hope this will be like by everyone. Syrup and the chocolate are the main ingredients in this snack. Having this snack in hot summer will be give wonderful feeling. The people who are favor of ice cream will definitely become a favor of this snack. I hope you try it and serve to all your family members, friends and all. It will be definitely liked by them. I hope you enjoy the taste.

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