Almonds – 2cups

Ghee – 2 spoons

Sugar – 2 cups

Badam – 1 spoon

Saffron – little

Kis mis – 1 spoon



Soak almonds in water in a bowl the before day. Now peel the skin of the almonds and grind them in mixy. Place a bowl on the stove then add some water and sugar. Wait until the sugar gets melt completely. Now fry the almond paste which we prepared and kept aside. After some time mix the sugar syrup with the almond paste. When mixture gets solid then off the flame. Now serve the mixture into serving bowl. now fry the saffron , badam and kismis separately in ghee. Garnish the mixture with saffron, badam and kismis. It looks colorful as we added saffron color to it. This is a sweet which every one favors to consume it as it melts when you keep it in the mouth. Badam and saffron are the good supporters of skin as they have special characters. The badam halva recipe is very easy to prepare and tasty to eat. Most of the kids love to have it. I hope you all try to and enjoy the taste. It takes very less time to prepare within the budget.


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