Rice – 2cups
Gram flour – 1 cup
Coriander, Pudina, onion stems –bunch each
Salt and chili powder –according to taste
Onions -2
Green chill – 4
Ginger, garlic –past
Oil – according to need
Cumin seeds


1. After boiling rice, cool it and grind it in mixy.
2. Now add gram flour, cumin seeds and finely mix them
3. Now add coriander, pudina, onion stems, onion pieces, green chili pieces then mix them thoroughly.
4. Add salt, ginger garlic paste and mix them.
5. Then mould this mixture in the form of vadas.
6. Heat oil in a bowl and fry these vadas deeply until they turn to golden brown in color.
7. Therefore Annam vadiyalu are ready.

If you have these with the combination of tomato sauce or chili sauce. It will be amazing taste. Every kid will show interest in having these. This is a very healthy snack as it contained rice and all leafy vegetables that is coriander, pudina, onion stems. So it is nutritious one. If you have this snack in rainy climate, it will be wonderful that is eating hot vada in rainy climate. I hope you try it and enjoy the taste.we can even call it as annam cutlets also.

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