Corn seeds – 2 cups

Potato Pieces – 1/4rth kg

Paneer – 50g

Green chili – 5

Ginger pieces

Pepper powder – 1 spoon

Curry leaves – 4 stems


Oil – according to requirement


  1. Boil corn seeds and potatoes separately in separate bowls.
  2. Then wait until they get cooled.
  3. Now chop paneer into thin slices.
  4. Now take a mixy jar, add chopped paneer, green chili, ginger, curry leaves then grind them.
  5. Now grind boiled Potato, corn seeds into paste.
  6. Add salt according to the taste, turmeric powder, pepper powder and mix thoroughly.
  7. Now mould the mixture in the form of chapatti.
  8. Then stuff each mould with the paste made by paneer as we prepared before.
  9. Now role the moulds.
  10. After rolling all the moulds, fry them in oil which is high heated.
  11. Now fry the bread without using oil and make it into powder.
  12. Then roll the roll in the bread powder.
  13. Therefore aloo paneer roll are ready.


Aloo Paneer corn roll are very healthy food snack. If we eat this with the combination of tomato sauce or chili sauce then the taste will be amazing. We can even eat these roll with no combination also. As it contains corn seeds, Potato and even paneer, it is a high vitamin contained snack. It is high calories snack also as paneer is very high calorie one. The vegetables ginger and corn seeds present in this aloo paneer dish are very nutritious and highly vitamin contained vegetables.

As the roll look differently, so the children shows more interest in having them. Actually everyone like these to eat. The corn lover’s best snack is aloo paneer corn roll. This snack is bit time consuming as we need to prepare 2 kinds of pastes. But very healthy ad yummy. You can prepare the paste before and freeze them in refrigerator. So that the duration of making this snack will be less. I hope you prepare this snack and enjoy the taste. Thank you


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