Milk – 1litre

Sugar – 2cups

Caju and Badam – 1 cup

Sheer kurma – 1 spoon

Elachi powder – 1 spoon

Kismis -3 spoons


1. Take half cup of badam and kaju.Then grind them finely.

2. Choppe remaining badam and kaju then fry them in ghee.

3. Boil the milk until the milk becomes half to it .

4. Now add elachi powder, Badam and kaju powder then mix them finely.

5. Before stoping the flame add sheer kurma

6. Then garnish it with kismis, badam, kaju.

7. Therefore kova kheer is ready.

Kova kheer is a very special sweet dish. It is very tasty. As used milk it is very highly calorie food. It look very colorful, such dishes are mostly prepared in festivals. Everyone will show interest to have it. The main ingredient in the is Kaju and badam powder. Remaining ingredients also important one. You may not have much idea about sheer kurma. Sheer kurma is a sweet dish which is made from rosted wheat. I hope you try it, then impress your friends, family members and enjoy the tast.The taste will be amazing. If you keep this sweet in your mouth it automatically melts. People who doesnot like to have sweet also will like to have this dish.



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