Milk – 1 litre

Chopped Rose petals

Badam Grains -4

Safron Petals-1/4spoon

Elachi – 1/4spoon

Sugar-1 cup

Pistha chees(without salt) -4

Custard apple puri


Take a bowl

Add some milk and boil them

After 1liter milk becomes half of it then add the custard apple puri by removing seeds in it.

Now mix them thoroughly.

Then add saffron petals, elachi powder, sugar, pistha cheese while mixing.

Now garnishe it with Rose petals.

There fore Custard apple Rabdi is ready.

Sitaphal Rabdi is a variety dish made of a fruit named custard apple. This dish is very good for health.As we know custard apple helps in cooling our body. So as we used custard apple puri in this dish , this heps us in cooling our body. This dish is very high calorie one as we used milk and sugar in it. It is colorful to look due to the saffron. Every one will definitely like this sweet as it is very tasty. If we freeze it and eat it will be amazing. I hope you try this , then impress your friends, family member. Having this after the meal is very good for health as this help us in digestion also. I hope you enjoy the taste. Thank you.



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