Milk – 1 liter

Water – 3cups

Star anise – 1/2spoon

Badam -1 spoon

Pepper – 10

Saffron – little

Elachi powder – 1/2spoon

Dried water melon seeds -1spoon

Poddy seeds – 1/2tea spoon

Fresh rose petals – 1/4cup



Place bowl on the stove.

Add some milk and boil them.

Take another bowl, add 2cups of water.

Then mix star anise, badam, dry water melon seeds,Poddy seeds, fresh rose petals.

Let them soak for some time.

Now Grind this soaked mixture in mixy till it form into paste.

Then filter the mixture with thin cloth.

In that filtered mixture add sugar, pepper, elachi powder, saffron then finely mix them.

Now add milk in to the mixture and freeze it in refrigerator for some time.

Therefore thandye is ready.


Thandye is a different kind of milk shake. This is very tasty and healthy food. Every one love to have it. Having this drink in hot summer gives us a lot of energy. Most of the people in summer prefer to have cool drinks, milk shakes and ice creams. So instead of going out and having such things which may harm our health ,that’s why its better to prepare such shake with homemade ingredients and have it. I hope you try it and enjoy the taste. Thank you.



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