Apples -4

Milk – 1 liter

Elachi Powder – ¼ tea spoon

Badam – 4

Sugar – 4 tea spoons

Pistha – 5


Remove the skin of apples and then chop them into slight pieces.

Take a bowl and place it on the stove and add some milk then wait until they boil.

Place a nonstick pan on stove .Add boiled .

Now add sugar then boil the milk until the milk becomes half.

Now add chopped apples and boil the mixture for some time.

Then Half the flame. Take the mixture into serving bowl .

Now sprinkle elachi powder and ganish with badam and Pistha.

Therefore Apple kheer is ready.

Apple kheer is very tasty sweet. Once we taste this, we feel like having it more. Every one likes the fruit apple and they consume it as a fruit. Now by this recipe we can have a sweet made of apple. Milk and apple are the main ingredients which gives amazing mixed taste.The people who don’t like apple eat directly can eat in this form as apple contains vitamins for blood. This is very healthy. I hope you try this and impress your friends, relatives and family members. Enjoy the taste. Thank you.






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