Sweet potato -2

Chopped Jaggery -1/4cup

Water – 1/2cup

Elachi powder – 1tea spoon

Ghee – 2tea spoon

Preparation time - 15 minutes


Thoroughly wash sweet potato.

Now cook them in cooker by adding water.

Then chop them in to pieces.

Take a bowl , add chopped Jaggery and water.

Wait until they get boiled.

Therefore sweet Potato sweet.

Sweet potato sweet is a very different kind of sweet. Sweet potato is very health y food. Actually we always prepare curries with potatoes and make hot snacks. So now potato recipe is here. This sweet is very tasty. This is not a high calorie food. This is a best diet. Jaggery is used instead of sugar. The flavor of this sweet will amazing. This dish is very easy to prepare. No need to work hard to prepare it. But the main thing we should be careful that the sweet potato should boiled completely. People will definitely love to eat. In most of the dishes we sprinkle elachi powder and we even sprinkled in this dish also so that the dish gives an amazing smell. You can try this different kind of dish and impress your family member. Enjoy the taste. Thank you.




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