Milk – ½ litre

Custard powder – 3 tea spoons

Elachi Powder -1/2 tea spoon

Sugar – 3 tea spoons

Apple -1

Banana -2

Black grapes – 1cup

Green Grapes – 1cup

Pomegranate -1/2cup

Preparation time - 15 minutes


Take a bowl

Place it on the stove.

Add some milk and boil it.

Take half cup of water and mix custard powder in it.

After milk becomes half then add this custard mixture and sugar.

Then mix them thoroughly.

Now stop the flame add elachi powder.

Then place it in refrigerator.

When you want eat fruit custard just take custard mixture into bowl and mix chopped apple, Grapes and banana.

There fore fruit custard is ready.

Fruit custard is very healthy and tasty food. Custard is the main ingredient which mixes with fruits and increases taste. As it is a fruit contained food, it is very helpful to our health especially for digestion. If we have this after the meal, digestion will be easy. I hope you try and enjoy the taste. Everyone will love to have this. If we serve this dish in parties and occasion after meal, people will never forget this items , they even show interest to learn it and the Thank you.




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