Fruit halwa


Chopped Water Melon – 1 cup

Chopped papaya – 1cup

Chopped Banana – 3 cups

Bories – 1cup

Grapes -4cups

Chopped dates – 1cup

Finely chopped coconut – 1cup

Elachi powder – 1spoon

Honey – 1 cup

Corn flour -1 cup

Thick milk – 4cups

Black Grapes – 34

Water melon pieces – 1cup

Guava pieces – 12

Preparation – 10 minutes


Take wide bowl.

Add some milk it and wait until they get boil.

Now take a cup of milk from the boiled milk and cool it.

Then add corn flour in it.

Take another wide bowl.

Add chopped water melon, chopped papaya, and chopped banana, chopped bories, chopped grapes, chopped dates, and chopped guava.

Then finely mixed those until the milk completely mix with fruits.

Now add finely chopped coconut and sugar in the only corn flour contained milk.

Then thoroughly mix them.

Now mix this in the milk which contained fruits mixture.

Then place this mixture on the stove for some time.

While it is getting cooked then keep on mixing until the mixture become semi solid.

Then off the flame.

Then serve this mixture into serving bowl and cool it.

Then place it in the refrigerator.

Therefore fruit halva is ready.

About the fruit Halva:

This is a very different kind of sweet made of fruits. As all kinds of fruits are included in this, this sweet is very healthy one. Milk is the main thing in this. This less calorie food. Everyone will definitely love to have it. Especially kids. I hope you prepare this and impress your family member, friends, and relatives. Enjoy the taste. When it is chill the taste will be amazing. We can even add ice-cream and have. Thank you.


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