Broken wheat chakra pongali


Broken Wheat -2cups

Green Gram – 1cup

Ghee – 1cup

Sugar – 1 1/2cup

Jaggery – 1cup

Elachi -6

Kismis -1/4cup

Kaju -1/4cup

Coconut finely chopped -1cup

Preparation time: 15 to 20 minutes


Take a Bowl

Add green gram in water in it.

Let it be soaked for some time.

Now place a bowl on stove, then add 4cups of water and wait until it get boiled.

Now add Broken Wheat, 4spoons of Ghee and soaked Green Gram also.

Let it cooked for some time.

When the Green Gram present in this mixture gets cooked completely then add Jaggery and sugar into it.

After 10 minutes add kaju and coconut which are fried in ghee.

Off the flame and sprinkle elachi powder.

Broken wheat Chakra pongali is a very special sweet which is very tasty and yummy. Every one will definitely love to have it. The people who hate sweet if they taste a spoon they will like eating more.Green Gram is the main ingredient which increases the amount of vitamins in this sweetish dish. The most of the people prepare this dish for devotional occasions. This is a very healthy sweet. I hope you try this and enjoy the taste. Thank you.

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