Rice flakes cutlet


Rice Flakes – 4 cups

Curd – 1 cup

Semolina – 1cup

Corn flour – 1cup

Ginger Green chili paste – little

Green Gram -5spoons

Finely chopped coconut -1/2cup

Salt – by taste

Oil – by requirement

Preparation time – ½ hour


Take a bowl

Add rice flakes and curd in it.

Then finely mix them.

After some time rice flakes become smooth.

Now add semolina and corn flour into it.

Now take another bowl.

Add some water and green gram.

Let them get soak for some time, then add ginger  garlic paste and salt also.

Now mix this mixture in the soaked green gram.

Now make mould of this mixture and deep fry them in oil .

There fore Rice flakes cutlet is ready.

About the item:

Rice flakes cutlet is of amazing snack. We can prepare it with in short period of time. This is very tasty and crispy to eat. We can even garnish this dish with caju and badam. We can eat this with the combination of curd. These are prepared in south India. Rice flakes are very healthy food. As we always bored of eating them. So for a change we can prepare this rice fakes cutlet. So there will a change for you and even health. Kids will love to have this. The ingredient curd is the main in this as it supports rice flakes to get smoothen then only it will be much easy to make the mould of this item mixture. I hope you all try this and impress all the relative, family members and friends. Enjoy the taste. Thank you.


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