sweet potato boreylu


Sweet Potato -1/2 kg

Jaggery – 1/4kg

Finely chopped coconut

Ghee – 1/2cup

Green Gram -1cup

Black gram -1 cup

Rice Semolina – 1cup

Rice powder – 1cup

Oil – 1/4kg

Elachi – 6

Preparation time – 5 minutes

Cooking time – 15 minutes


Boil Green gram and finely smash it.

Now fry finely chopped coconut in ghee.

Chop sweet potato into pieces.

Then boil these sweet potato pieces in water.

Now mix green gram, jaggery and elachi powder with boiled sweet potatoes.

Mix this mixture until the mixture get soften up.

Then make this soften mixture into laddu shapes.

Grind the soaked black gram.

Now mix rice semolina and rice powder in the grinded black gram.

Then dip laddu in this mixture, which we prepared before.

Then fry them until they get Golden color.

About this Item:

The sweet potato booraylu are very crispy and tasty to eat. This is very good healthy food. Everyone knows o make curries with sweet potatoes but this is a special variety sweet which is very different. Kids and adults will definitely love to have it. As it is a sweet potato booraylu, the main ingredient which gives taste to this snack is sweet potato itself. While preparing this dish we should becarefull that the sweet potatoes boil completely. I hope you try this dish and enjoy the taste. Thank you.

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