Butter milk – ½ liters

Rice powder – 100g

Onion -1

Green chili -4

Dry chili -4

Curry leaves – 2stems

Oil – 2 spoons

Mustard seeds

Cumin seeds

Fenugreek seeds

Salt – According to the taste

Preparation time -10minutes

Cooking time -20minutes


Take a bowl.

Add butter milk then rice powder and mix them thoroughly.

Place another bowl on stove and heat oil in it.

Add mustard seeds , cumin seeds, fenu greek seeds. Now mix them thoroughly.

After some time add dry chili, green chili, onion, curry leaves. Then fry them.

Now add the butter milk and rice powder mixture which we prepared before.

Then mix them finely until it turns to bit hard. Then add salt.

When it cooked and formed like a paste then stop flame.

Therefore mor koli is ready.

About mor koli:

Mor koli is very good healthy food as we add butter milk in it. Butter milk has a best health giving characters. This dish is very different. In this rice powder and butter milk are the main ingredients which give taste to the dish. Everyone will definitely love to have it. I hope you try it then impress your family member, relatives and friends. Enjoy the taste. Thank you.


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