Ingredients. Boneless Chicken - 1/4KG. Pudina - 1 Bunch. Coriander - 1Bunch. Green Chili - 4. Ginger - Chopped Finely. Garlic - 6 Petals. Lemon - 1. Coriander Seeds Powder - 1Spoon. Garam Masala - 1 Spoon. Curd - 2Spoons. Chana Flour -1/2 Cup. Salt - According to the taste. Oil - According to the need. Preparation Time - 10 minutes Cooking Time – 20 minutes Preparation - 1. Grind Pudina, Coriander, Green Chili, Ginger, Garlic in mixy until it form as paste. 2. Now wash chicken thoroughly with water. 3. Take Chicken into a bowl and add Coriander seeds powder, Garam MAsala, Salt, chili Powder, Curd, Lemon Juice and the paste we prepared before. 4. Then mix all these Ingredients finely. 5. After sometime, add hot oil , ChanaFlour in it and mix them finely. 6. Now heat some oil in a wide bowl. 7. Then the mixture we prepared drop it in the oil like pokora and let them fry completely. 8. Now serve them on to a plate with a spread tissue paper. 9. Garnish it with the lemon and Onion Slices. Therefore Chicken Pakora is ready. About Chicken Pakora: The recipe name Chicken Pakora itself tells us that , this snack item is made of Chicken. Everyone will surely love to have it. After tasting this, they will surely try to know the recipe also. Any age group people can have it as bone less chicken is used in this recipe. This is very easy and simple to prepare. The recipe is very small. There is no need to work hard. The Ingredients used in this are easily available to us and they are good for health. This is a snack item which is amazing in taste. The people who hate eating Chicken they also love to have it. We can have this snack with tomato soas combination. This is one of the different kinds of non vegetarian snacks. If we offer this to the guest who comes to our house, they will feel happy. I hope you also try this and impress all your parents, family members and friends. Enjoy the taste. If you have any doubts, opinions, experiences or doubts. Please let me know in comments. Thank you

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