Milk - 1/2 Litre

Bread Slices - 2

Sugar - 2 table Spoon

Badam - 4

Pistha - 5

Preparation time - 10 minutes

Cooking time - 20 minutes

Preparation :

1. Soak Bread Slices in a cup of cold milk.

2. Take another bowl and add boiled milk  and sugar. Then mix them thoroughly.

3. When sugar with milk gets thicken , then add the milk which are have soaked Bread Slices.

4.  When this mixture completely becomes thicker then off the stove.

5.  Now Garnish it with Badam and Pistha.

6. Freeze this mixture for sometime.

Therefore, Bread Rabri is ready.

About Bread Rabri:

Bread Rabri, the name itself tell us that it is made of Bread Slices. It is very easy and simple to prepare. This is a sweet dish. Every one surely love to have it. Even people who does not like to have sweet , will also have this dish. We can prepare this dish with in less time. If we have it after freezing the taste will be amazing, we get a feeling that we are in heaven. There is no need to work hard as the recipe is very simple it takes just 30 minutes of time. This is a good for health. All the ingrediants used in this are good for health. If we prepare this on occasion and surve to the guest who ever come to our house, they will feel amazing and they surely know the recipe from you. 

 If we prepare same dishes always in home, family members will bored off. So this is a different dish. If they have this they will be happy and active. So try this and impress your relatives, friends, parents and family members.  You also have it and enjoy the taste.  Mostly kids will surely love to have it. In the hot summer if we prepare this and have it by freezing it then it will be amazing. If you want to share your experiences, opinons, doubts or suggestion please comment thank you.


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