Rice powder – 1 ½ cups

Milk – ½ Littre

Sugar – 2 cups

Chopped Dry coconut – 1 cup

Kaju and kissmiss – ½ spoon

Elachi Powder – 2 spoons

Ghee – 5 spoons

Preparation time – 10 minutes

Cooking time – 30 minutes

Preparation –

1.Boil a cup of water in a bowl.

2.Then add rice powder in it and off the flame.

3.After this mixture get cooled, then apply oil to your hands and mould this mixture into noodle forms.

4.Let them get dry for 20 minutes

5.In the mean while, boil milk in another bowl.

6.Now cook the moulds in this milk.

7.Place another bowl on the stove and add ghee in it.

8.Then add kissmiss and kaju in it.

9.Let them fry.

10.After they fried, add these in the milk in which we are cooking noodle like moulds which are also known as thalikalu.

11.Then add chopped coconut, Sugar and elachi powder.

12.Then off the flame.

13.Therefore Palathalikalu is ready.

About Palathalikalu recipe:

Palathalikalu is a Andhra Pradesh dish and mostly prepared and offered to Ganesh chathurdi. This is a traditional and different food. It is like a kheer. It is a very simple and easy recipe.this is amazing in taste. There is no need to do hard work. Everyone surely loves to have this. Even people who hate eating sweets, they also will love to have it. Especially kids love to have it. Try this on any festival occasion and serve it to the people who visit your home. Everybody get impressed. You also try it and enjoy the taste. The people who taste this dish will surely try to know the recipe so that they try it. This dish can be prepared with in less time.All the ingredients used in this recipe are good for health. This is south Indian special dish which is everyone favorite. If you have any doubts, experiences, sugestions and opinions please let me know through your comments. thank you.

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