Rice Powder – 1 cup

White gram powder – 2 tea spoons

Chopped coconut – 1 table spoon

Chopped jaggery – 1 cup

Elachi powder – 1 pinch

White Sesame seeds – ½ tea spoon

Oil or Ghee – According to need

Preparation time – 15 minutes

Cooking time – 30 minutes

Preparation –

1.Take a bowl with boiled water.

2.Add 1 cup of Jaggery in it and let it be for ½ hour. So that Jaggery gets melt fast.

3.Take a wide bowl and place it on the stove.

4.Then add rice powder in it and fry it for 1 minute.

5.Then add sesame seeds and fry them for 1 minute.

6.Then add chopped coconut and fry it for a minute.

7.Now filter the jaggery water which prepared at the starting.

8.Now place this filtered jaggery water and let it get boiled for some time.

9.Then add elachi powder in it and off the flame.

10.Now take a bowl and add and mix rice powder, sesame seeds, white gram powder and chopped coconut.

11.Then mix this filtered jaggery water in it.

12.Let the mixture to become like chapatti mixture form.

13.Now cover this mixture with a wet cloth and let it be like that for ½ hour.

14.Now mould this mixture into small size rounds.

15.Then fry these round moulds in ghee.

Therefore vella seedie is ready.

About vella seedai recipe:

vella seedai is a South Indian dish. This is very easy and simple to prepare. Everyone surely loves to have it as it is amazing in taste. Especially kids love to have it. All the ingrediants which are used in this recipe are good for health. This can be prepared in very less time. There is no need to do hard work. I hope you prepare it and impress all your relatives, friends and parents. You also try it and enjoy the taste. If you have any suggestions, experiences , opinions and doubts, please let us know through your comments. Thank you,  take care.

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