Rice powder – 1 cup

White gram– 2 table spoons

Sesame seeds – ½ table spoon

Chopped coconut – 2 table spoons

Butter – 2table spoons

Salt – according to taste

Asfoetida – ½ tea spoon

Oil – according to need

Preparation time – 20 minutes

Cooking time – 30 minutes

Preparation –

1.Take bowl

2.Add rice powder, white gram, sesame seeds, chopped coconut, butter, salt and asfoetida.

3.Mix all these ingredients thoroughly.

4.Then add some water in it so that it forms like semi solid.

5.Now mould this mixture in to tiny round shapes.

6.Place them on wet cloth for some time.

7.Take a wide bowl and place it on the stove.

8.Add some oil in it and fry these round moulds in it.

Therefore uppundalu are ready.


About uppundalu recipe:

 Uppundalu recipe is south Indian that is  Andhra Pradesh recipe. This is very interesting, easy and simple recipe. We can prepare it easily without doing any hard work. We just mix all the ingredients and mould them. Then we fry them. Very simple right. Whoever tastes these will surely love to have them. Especially kids love to have them. When your kids come from school if you offer them this snack they will be very happy and you can even offer this to the guest who come to your home. They will surely know the recipe from you and they will try. I hope your prepare this and impress everyone in your family, friends and relatives. Enjoy the taste. This snack name itself tells us that it will be salty in taste. People who are suffering from low blood pressure, it is suggested them to have this.We can store these more than a month.It is very good for health.this is a new variety recipe. If you have any opinions, experiences, doubts, any recipes and opinions. Then please let me know through your comments. It iThank you. Take care.



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